Friday, October 12, 2007

Zeitgeist: Mother of All Conspiracies

The Internet Age has produced a number of independent, high quality films that are primarily composed of numerous YouTube videos stitched together with dramatic narration. The latest is a film entitled Zeitgeist which could be described as the 'Mother of All Conspiracies,' as it begins with the foundations of Christianity, travels through the myths surrounding 9/11, and end with the New World Order directed the elite international banking community. What makes this film so important is the underlying call to act against the forces which currently seek to destroy our Democracy.

Hardly anything in the film is new, as we've seen such atrocities enacted on our Freedom before. When America provoked the Japanese trough trade embargoes and looked the other way after Australia warned us of their route towards Pearl Harbor; when America sent the Lusitania into German waters after their embassy took out an ad in 50 East Coast newspapers warning us it would be attacked; when an incident at the Gulf of Tonkin turned out to be the same ruse used against us time and time again -- our Freedoms have been attacked before.

But to question what is happening right before our eyes is an intentional act of stupidity. While the government was performing over five dozen anti-terrorist scenarios around 9/11 including one on the World Trade Center; while every single plane involved in the attack simply disappeared before our very eyes along with almost a hundred videos of the attack on the Pentagon; while every single news outlet reported explosions in the World Trade Center before and during the collapse; while we responded by destroying not one but TWO nations on the similar grounds of false pretense; while America sits back at watches television that AT ITS MOST LIBERAL exposes these atrocities then sends us to SLEEP: Goodnight America, and Good Luck.

Wake Up America, and Get Angry! These "Invisible Dictators" hi-jacked Democracy back in 1913 when they used the same scare tactics against our banking system to provoke a financial crisis which lead to the creation of the Federal Reserve -- a privately held, multi-national Corporation that is "no more Federal than Fed Ex," subsequently destroying the Gold Standard and coercing the American public into giving back their gold under the duress of incarceration. In that same year our Constitution was attacked through direct taxation of our income, which currently takes over a third of every American income to pay off the interest of the money borrowed from the Federal Reserve! We are slaves to the system through financial servitude -- for this reason alone WE SHOULD BE PISSED OFF!

But instead, we rely upon the upcoming elections between Pepsi or Coke? Will you elect the same mouth pieces that have been chanting the lies of the war to carry us into Iran, or will you elect the better half of the president who sat back and watched these same planned attacks on American soil ten years before September 11th -- that will also lead us into a war with Iran? Or will you wake up to the New World Order of Private Corporations who have "Unionized" the European banking institutions, and seek to do the same throughout North America with the creation of the Amero? Do you not see the violent "Unionization" happening in South America or throughout the Middle East?

If that doesn't piss you off to the point of a Revolution, what the HELL does the New World Order have to fear from your "attacks?" Allowing the Democrats to win the majorities means nothing to the minority who loan our monies to us with interest. Their term limits span those set by our puppet government, and if their actions weren't so obvious to those without their blinders pointed towards the media spectacle of bread and circus, I would say THAT is not only a "weird ass dictatorship" -- but the WORST Dictatorship our world has experienced.

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