Saturday, July 12, 2008

Checking Out Flock (Once Again)

I remember hearing about the concept of a Social Browser more than a year ago when I discovered Flock. At that point it mainly felt like Firefox with a crazy looking skin, but that was what simply rumbled under the hood.

Flock's big idea was to integrate all of these "Web 2.0" tools into a common framework. In other words: when you wanted to post a blog you'd click the Post Blog button (a cool little quill on the toolbar). If you didn't have an account set up, Flock would direct you to a common list of blogs. The same would go for email, pictures, and even friends on your favorite social network. In theory, anyways.

The first few releases of Flock accomplish little more than a list of Firefox add-ons (along with a really cool skin). But the cool list of add-ons didn't include my personal list of add-ons, making it unnecessary to go through the hassle of learning another browser -- especially when Firefox already accomplished everything I required from my browser.

Just moments ago I noticed I noticed the link at the bottom of Digg that lead to the new version of Flock. After a quick installation I was up and running, and discovered that integrating all my favorite add-ons was easier than setting up Firefox. For example, to write this blog all I needed to do was hit the scribe button (described above) and here you have a very review of Flock that can be summarized in a word:

Blogged with the Flock Browser