Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama Hates White People

Being an Independent is difficult in the upcoming elections. It seems like all of my Liberal friends have jumped on the Obama train, leaving the rest of us to feel like dirty Socialists who'd rather watch the world collapse than believe in something America desperately needs right now: Hope. But whenever I turn a phrase and tell them that Obama hates white people, their hope quickly turns to rage.

The funny thing is that I started off supporting Obama long before the primaries, and was easily the first one registered to his website on my block. My interests carried me to my regular haunts, such as, which listed the top campaign contributors in the order they fell off the Presidential nominations: McCain, Clinton, and in the number one slot: Obama.

While the majority of Americans raged against the bailout, it seemed as though a thick fog blocked the news that Obama was urging his fellow Congressmen to sign the $700B+ bill at the taxpayers expense -- only to cheer him on as he railed against McCain for voting the exact same way! And now, every earmark that Obama added to the bailout becomes yet another symbol of Hope for America?

What I see most clearly are the events of 9/11 that inspired America to retaliate, at any and all cost to their education, their economy, or their overall well-being in a time of great adversity. I see the Democrats using the financial crisis as yet another reason to abandon our personal freedoms, without making mention of everything we lost during the previous administration.

I can only hope that others realize the same shock doctrines being used against us once more, and ask that anyone who believes in Democracy to vote Independently in 2008. If you're fiscally Conservative, vote Ron Paul. If you're a true Independent, vote Nader. There are other options, all you need to do is look outside the Two Party system and Vote Independent. Why? Because...

Obama Hates White People.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ben Bernanke: Economic Terrorist

It was a sunny morning in the White House. Soon after the President had his first sip of coffee a Courier entered the Oval Office. He sat an envelope down on the desk and promptly exited the room. The President opened it slowly and pulled out the letter inside, which read:

"Give us $700 Billion or we will destroy yr Governmentz."

At the top of the Hill stood Ben Bernanke, telling Congress of the Horrors should they fail to act. Come layoffs and unemployment, failing economies across the great oceans, and catastrophes much like those he has studied throughout his career -- SHOULD WE FAIL TO ACT: The American Way of Life, as we know it, will end.

And the moral of their story is that Barack Obama wants to protect Main Street from Wall Street. As the beloved Son of the Democratic Party, America will forgive his decision to place our children into indentured servitude, for our Generation will certainly not have the funds to support the bill.

But our story is much different, for we the people of the United States of America do not give in to Terrorism. Ben Bernake is an Economic Terrorist. He is guilty of Extorting the US Government out of $700 Billion taxpayer dollars.; he is guilty of Corporatism; he is guilty of Racketeering; he is Guilty and MUST BE CHARGED.