Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Fall of MySpace.com

A couple days ago an alter ego of mine whispered the headline of an article in my ear from a magazine that I've forgotten. The words on the psychonet state that MySpace.com is a fad lead by the youth who have been hopping from one social network to the next for the last several years. Each year the snowball effect gets larger and larger, as the hundreds of thousands on DiaryLand turned into millions on Friendster. A couple years later and we've gathered tens of millions on MySpace.com, and before long the migratory digital herd will follow the next trend while the steadily growing older take a little longer to catch on.

Fascinate yourself awhile on the subject of human evolution in cyberspace. Information is at a tipping point about to spill every fact we know. Less than a decade ago this idea would have terrified us. Imagining every action to be filmed, our transactions recorded. We painted a Big Brother looming over our heads with the sign of the Beast microchipped below the surface of his skin. And then something changed. We gave them the technology and they recorded everything for us. They unlocked the doors to their lives and shared it on their profiles and recorded it in their blogs. Then they started sharing their songs on podcasts, and have just begun to take over the television stations through YouTube.

Something is happening, and people smarter than you are starting to realize that the world is rapidly changing into something very different from what we already know. The blind have been lead to believe that the Al-qaeda are the masterminds behind global terrorism, and those asleep have been fed the dream of Democracy from a country which blatenly practices Global Domination. The lazy have resigned to the fact that renewable resources will be replaced by something different which solves all the problems of Global Warming. The cynics and the Saints preach to us that this is simply the end of our species, while the bankers pay the marketing department to sedate us through entertainment literally designed for morons in order to make a profit from it all.

Take another step back and look at all of it as possibilities. The Internet Culture is about to grow mainstream and take control of our consumer spending, along with our prime time viewer interests, target markets, and focus groups. This means instant messaging, file sharing, and video streams. The individual is about to become a part of the whole through the power of the Internet. They are about to become One, and lose grasp of any boundaries between languages or religions. They would be the Internet Culture if they weren't already in our schools evolving the way we educate our children. The Internet Culture is already here. And by the way: They're big on sharing.

The fact that MySpace.com is being farmed by Rupert Murdoch for fame and fortune condemns News Corp for spending billions on the ownership without sharing a penny of the profit with his followers. Websites such as SecondLife has made millionaires of its members simply for playing the game. MySpace.com makes millions simply for advertising on the front page. YouTube joins with other companies to offer prize money to video makers while the guy that owns practically a third of the world media promotes his movies and television shows. Once something better comes along the cracks in the system will spring a leak, and all the traffic will flow somewhere else.

The future as I see it looks a lot like MySpace.com. Every man and woman of every race, color, and creed will have a profile that represents every side of their emtions. They will contain a beautiful movie with blogged narration, and generate demand for a free and open source government. The resources of the world will be distributed where necessary by the agreements of everyone involved. The value of the dollar will disappear to the value of life, and they will share world with everyone. You read their words right and you'll feel a little song deep inside your chest. You already know all if this is happening now. We need to recognize the Truth and plan accordingly.

MySpace.com is about to fall.

The OregonDistrict.com is open for business!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Origin of Feces

As I continue to discover the Truth of our time
I consistently find myself at the base of Darwin's mountain
looking high into the clouds for a peak at the fittest
and wondering which of us were meant to survive.

Meanwhile Dante's simplist vision of Hell plays out repeatedly
as billions of humans push a rock up the side
only to watch it fall back down on payday
when the tax men collect their dues.

For whatever reason could this illusion exist
than in the metaphor of a promised land filled
with all the weath promised by our movie stars?

And so we work as individuals to collect our fair share
only to find ourselves divided against each other
racing towards the top of the mountain.