Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Open Source Religion

When I was a young teenager I snuck into the attic over our garage and dug through the old boxes filled with books and papers from my Father's college days. Being the good Dungeons & Dragons geek that I was as the time, I pocketed a small book of the world's religions -- seeing the opportunity to compare it to my copy of Gary Gygax's Demons and Deities. Reading through the book connected my imagination to the workings of the real world, opening the Christian beliefs that had been instilled in me to a world of possibilities, filled with a host of new gods and alien faiths.

I carried this book with me through my own college experiences, signing up for classes on comparative religions. By my early twenties I was snapping my fingers with the poets, bouncing back and forth between Buddhism and Taoism -- whichever proved more beneficial to my intellectual debates. However, neither choice resulted in the spark of Faith that believers carry through the darkness. Regardless of the number of conversations I won I never got to carry the title of Believer. After nearly twenty years of searching for the Truth I believe the light has finally been revealed.

The movie Zeitgeist begins with the idea that Jesus is an anthropomorphism of the Sun; and that he shares his story of a birth from a virgin mother, his crucification, his death and subsequent rebirth, etc., with numerous religions from around the globe, as far back as 10,000 years or longer. To make it even easier: If you're looking for the son of the Creator, you have no further to look than in the sky above your head. Just because the Christians have their own version of the story doesn't mean they own the rights to the original source.

The movie continues to point out the number of similarities to these religions -- but not to discount their truth. The fact that so many shared the same dates, used the same ideas, and told the same stories reveals a deeper connection to our world and the cosmos -- not some magical fantasy filled with Hells and redemptions. It shows the 12 disciples as the 12 segments of the sky defined by the twelve constellations, more commonly referred to as the Zodiac. The story of His birth and death, along with the subsequent celebrations, is a story of our lives through the seasons, along with our progression through the ages.

In that so many religions have sought to control this story shows us the power it has over us. The failure of Christianity is the lie it propagates in order to control its followers. However, the same could be said of Science in its dismissal of our connection to the planet and the stars as being merely circumstantial. The Truth revealed in the original source is known by the plants who turn their attentions, along with the animals that gather en masse, according to the rhythms of the sun and the stars. Our connection to the source is of great importance if we are to continue living on this planet.

I believe the first step in connecting to the Source is to start by reclaiming the code for ourselves. Much has been written by the ancients on the location of the stars and the effects their alignment had on our planet. Further writings reveal an even greater connection to our planet and its place the the cosmos -- another fact that is vital as we enter into a new age, one that leaves the fish of the Messiah behind us, and welcomes the water bearer as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The Mayans believe this will happen in the next decade so we might want to begin as quickly as possible!

So begins the world's first Open Source Religion.

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