Thursday, October 25, 2007

Declaration of War vs. The People

On October 23, 2007 the U.S. Government declared War on the American People. By a vote of 404 to 6, the U.S. House of Representatives approved HR 1955: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This act designates every American who acts -- OR PROMOTES ACTION -- against the U.S. Government to be a TERRORIST. Simply put: If you've ever said that George W. Bush should be hanged as a war criminal, you sir, are a Terrorist.

While the news has been unremarkably disinterested since the bill was introduced back in Mid-April of this year, the press has been provided with sound bytes where the lack of funding is quoted repeatedly, along with the intention to merely study the habits of would-be terrorists. Those who oppose such a bill would be assumed to have "something to hide," or considered a sympathizer for the Terrorists, without completely understanding the ramifications.

Up until now the Government has primarily focused on people who were directly connected to terrorist organizations. Those investigated and accused ranged from foreign aide organizations to a university professor in South Florida. Although the majority of cases have ended in mistrial, some speculate the total number of 'Black Listed' Americans to be somewhere in the ballpark of 770,000. That was before the Government considered its own Citizens to be Terrorists.

Once this bill passes through the Senate and is signed into Law by the President, it will no longer be safe to speak out against the Government. Any word spoken across telephone lines, or written and recorded on the Internet, could potentially be scrutinized by the Department of Homeland Security, and lead more innocent victims to secret prisons to be subjected to violent acts of torture.

I urge everyone reading this to contact members of the press, to call or write your local Senators, and beg them to protect your Constitutional Rights as Free Citizens. Our Democracy requires your action BEFORE the next election. The cost of failing to do so could be greater than any of us currently imagine. Help stop the Declaration of War Against the American People before it is too late.


Poppy said...

People should probably start printing this and handing it out to people.

SocioSam said...

But wouldn't handing out the actual law be an act of terrorism in and of itself?

Ian MacLeod said...


No one except We the Already Informed is going to believe it, or consider it anything but "tinfoil hat conspiracy theory BS" until the jackbooted Blackwater thugs are at the door, and then it will be far too late. People like me and these others have been sounding the alarm for almost eight years, and that's the reaction we get. STILL!

I have a cousin in Texas who STILL believes that George Bush is a Godly man and the greatest president we've ever had. At a local truck stop here in a dinky town in Oregon I heard a trucker hold forth on, "...them Godless, Commie Moose-lums oughta ALL be nuked". The MSM has America sewn up to where it would take an outright armed rebellion just to get people's attention - and it would fail.


Alexandra said...

This is a perfect example of how they are starting to notice a huge social shift. They are getting scared, people are starting to stop being ants and are starting to be human beings. this is a great thing and a terrible thing all at once. This is the perfect time to take direct action!!! pass out the flyer's, help people educate themselves, get people informed. The human race is NOT dead, we are still GOOD, and were gonna win this thing!

Travis Turner said...

Great stuff bro,

Convince the Convinceable, its too late for the rest.