Friday, October 5, 2007

In Rememberance of Bill Hicks

Thirteen years ago, on this very day, Bill Hicks wasn't doing a fucking thing because he was dead. This underground, dark poet of comedy was virtually unknown in the United States, but a sensation the world over. During the 31 years he spent tearing the world a new asshole, Bill Hicks underwent a variety of transformations from a cocky little teenager doing stand-up about his parents, to a dark guru of mystical knowledge on the subject of human evolution. While much of his comedy was pointed at the ultra right-wing conservative class, his intentions were simply to open the eyes of his fellow Americans.

So why take the time to remember another mostly forgotten Lenny Bruce? If not for the magic of the Internet we'd certainly succumb to the same temporary punchlines spewed out by the same late night talk shows that censored Bill Hicks the first time around. Why is this more important than the War in Iraq, or perhaps, the identity of the female nerd in Beauty and the Geek? Because Bill Hicks dedicated the last few weeks of his life, while battling with Pancreatic Cancer, to show America the comedy act that The David Letterman Show refused to air, and instead, destroyed the film entirely.

The video above is an hour long documentary on Bill Hicks which ends with the act that he wanted America to see. It isn't his best work. You'll not see any impressions of the Devil or hear any revelations about feeding the hungry and exploring outer space as a unified planet. He wasn't out to break any more boundaries than he already had, but instead, offer the country a new perspective than they were used to. When the Corporate Executives decided that it wasn't up the standards of selling alcohol with half naked women, he dedicated himself to performing the act until his final performance, so that you could use your brain to decide for yourself.

If you're still curious to know why we should remember Bill Hicks today, it's because he provides a well-needed remedy to the ignorance and violence which is leading the American Nation down the same path of greed and destruction which existed longer than thirteen years ago. The situation has worsened to the point that our entire nation is engulfed in sheer stupidity, whereby the destruction of a couple buildings could inspire such a bloodlust as to unify the nation on a mission of revenge. And if you think that we're beginning to uncover the truth, you need to go back to Dane Cook bitching about his boy friends. Bill Hicks pushed an entirely different envelope.

He believed in the corruption which held a stranglehold on everything we think or feel. There wasn't any room for the RIAA or the Department of Homeland Security. This was seen by Hicks as another way the system commanded your servitude. He wasn't afraid to point out Corporate Slavery, but most importantly, he didn't believe in tearing it all down in the name of Destruction. He saw a light at the end of the tunnel that was brighter than most could conceive -- a world of infinite possibilities where every human was in touch with the Creator which would lead to eternal life if we could manage to get over ourselves.

So today we remember Bill Hicks, sitting up in Heaven with Saint Peter, laughing at all the prudish non-smokers bitching about abortion in Hell. We remember Bill Hicks in hopes of finding that same brutish voice in our own souls which tells us to get the fuck out of Iraq. Maybe we'll find the strength to shrug off the shackles of our Corporate masters, stop building bombs, and focus on those without food, education, or health care. If we can hear this voice of reason and learn to respect the ideas and nuance of our fellow man, maybe then we'll be able to evolve into the beings of Light that so many of us hope to achieve.

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