Sunday, November 4, 2007

Viva la Revolucion!

Just in case anyone missed it: We're currently in the midst of a Capitalist takeover. Each of the energies necessary to power our country has been handed over to private corporations to sell as a commodity for a profit. The schools that educate our children -- the roads that lead us to work -- are crumbling, while these same institutions continue to rise in the private sector. We own nothing; merely renting our property from their owners: from the money in our pockets to the songs in our head. And for all of our iPods and air conditioned cars, we do not pay the highest price. The tolls of our lifestyle are placed upon the backs of the poor.

In the course of our day we interact with any number of waiters and construction workers, taxi cab drivers and maids. These are but a small sample of the millions of jobs which were created in the economic boom of our country. Few realize that these jobs couldn't afford their workers the wages necessary to survive in the real world, that many had to take on two or three jobs simply to survive. The real benefactors were the Corporations whose profit margins soared. However, this wealth is nothing compared to the resources privatized in smaller nations. The dividing line between the poor who own nothing, and the rich who hold private agreements with the US Government, is much more pronounced across the entire South American continent.

The War On Democracy by John Pilger reveals the hidden agenda of the American Empire, to Capitalize on the wealth of smaller nations by privatizing their resources at the expense of the poor. While the film only covers a handful of military coups funded by the United States in South America, making mention of dozens more in passing, the reality should speak volumes of our current actions in the Middle East. Furthermore, this film should make it clear to every American that such a takeover by the people is necessary to oust the corrupt politicians, corporations, and military leaders that have stolen our country for their own profit. This film should stir the revolutionary in each of us, or at least offer a perspective of our country from our neighbor's point of view.

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